• We Are live!

    Welcome to ScriptInsights.com. We are now live! We will spend the next couple of days ironing out the kinks. Sit tight exciting things are  just around the corner!

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  • Dealing With Side Effects

    Welcome back. 
    The last time we chatted we discussed ScriptInsight's choice to differentiate the word Medication from the word Drug. The intent for our purposes shall remain to use Drug to connote illicit (or illegal). Again the two words by definition are often used interchangeably (i.e. ...

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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to ScriptInsights, My name is Brad Cobb and I will be your host as we embark on a personal trek into the Medication/Drug World. As we begin, please take notice I will be making a personal distinction between the word medication and the word drug.


    Mr. Webster chose to define medication a...

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